Janine-Langley Wood – Author

I’m a literary and horror writer, sometimes poet, from Yorkshire, England. I also teach Creative Writing and all forms of English language. My work has been published in literary journals and anthologies such as Even the Ants Have Names, Diamond Twig Press, Lyrical Laboratory, Forward Press, Braqemard, Hasty and Krax magazines and the 2nd edition of Corvus. Horror anthologies include The Screaming Book of Horror, Noose and Gibbet Press (alongside such names as Charlie Higson, Robin Ince and John Burke) and Horror Library, vol 5, Cutting Block Press.

In 2003 I received a Northern Promise Award (Northern Arts) and mentoring by renowned  author, Sara Maitland. In 2009 I had a short play read at The Courtyard Theatre, West Yorkshire Playhouse. My first play, A Minor Catastrophe, was shortlisted for the BBC’s national comedy-script competition Falling About.

My first horror novel, MELT, is due out this autumn with Assent Publishing.



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