Damned Rite: MELT

While the populous of the troubled Rokerville estate twitch through the latest in a series of nightmares, two of its residents get busy: one is up on the hill, digging; the other is avenging the estate’s latest victims of brutal gang-rule.

Fionn Malloy
Galway ireland
Raised in a poor farming community on the breezy hills of Galway, Ireland, Fionn Malloy is no tea-and-buns priest.
A fist-fighter in his schooldays, Fionn joined the Priesthood partly to atone for his former transgressions, and partly because he had some romantic idea about ditching the black gear for a red cape and saving the trampled innocents of the world. But increasingly now, the world bothers him more than he can bear to romantisize about. He can’t do this alone. Armageddon is overdue.
Just for starters, Rokerville, his parish of ten years, is falling into the grip of drug-fueled gang control. Young women are beginning to disappear and the suicide rate is rising as steeply as Rokerville Avenue. And now, up at the summit, in the bowels of the old condemned church, the bells, somehow, keep on tolling, calling this doubting-Thomas to task.
spooky church 5
As Fionn struggles with his faith, weird apparitions begin to haunt his every dream.
But is he dreaming, or, for the first time in his life, is he truly awake?
‘Fionn gazed out across the green to the sprawl of house-lights that rose in their organized clutter up the hillside, to finally meet Saint Luke’s Church, a Gothic monument perched on top of it all, like the great goddess of all buildings appraising her humble subjects. It felt sad, looking up at his home of ten years now, knowing her days were numbered, that soon the moonlight would shine through a void left vacant of her eerie silhouette.’

Desecrating an ancient graveyard can dig up enough trouble to shake up the world.

Damned Rite: MELT, a supernatural horror novel set in West Yorkshire.

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