An Angel Watching Over Me?


In this four-part blog I’ll be posting stories, photos and film clips about supernatural encounters with angels and demons, the good, the bad and the sinfully ugly.

I’m caught up with ideas of angels in all their forms, good and bad (Yes, even angels, in my book, are not all good) and of course demons, and wonder why, thousands of years after the Bible, our basis for belief in these supernatural beings, was penned, we’re still watching out for them, or like me, writing stories based around them; some people are even catching them on film. Actual sightings and visitations by angels and demons are still widely reported around the world today. And such encounters are not just the claim of your average Joe Bloggs on the street, but are brought to us by astronauts, TV reporters, even FBI agents.

Recent sightings, film and photos of a ‘Thames Angel’, also known as ‘The Angel of Hope’ have caused a stir; a web-based cult following is building around this one. But it’s nothing new; we just happen to have the relatively new technology to capture whatever images float our way. Rumours of the angel began after the Great Fire of London. In 1865 an artist rather elaborately etched the angel (compare with recent snapshots) following a mass sighting by embankment workers.

etching Thames angel

A recent Thames Angel spotter described feeling “full of laughing and happiness”. He also got arguably the best snap yet:


Photographed by Mario Daniello

Going a step further, typical stories of actual angel intervention into human affairs go something like this one by A Leal (see: “I got out of the car on my side, which was against the curb… (I) also checked traffic. My mother and I both looked at each other and nodded to confirm we both saw it (the road) was clear. I remember the next moments very clearly, and writing this now makes my chest tight and my eyes water. I took a step forward and heard a loud engine whirring to my left. I then felt myself being lifted up by my backpack and I was lifted so high I saw the ground beneath me and the top of my mom’s car and the top of the car that was just about to hit me. The moment felt like slow motion, but it was only seconds. After the moment had passed, I ran quickly to my classroom and continued to shake for a large portion of the day. Upon arriving home, I thanked my mom for pulling me back. She said she didn’t and had spent the morning crying and thanking our angels because she saw me get pulled backward by my backpack, but no one was behind me.”

So, how desperate are we to believe in this kind of divine intervention? We see angels in clouds, skimming over waters, floating along motorways. We even film them and upload them to YouTube. Watch: Angel saves man from near death! Caught on video.
The original, made in China, has had over three million views.

The film may well be a very clever set up, but the viewings and likes are confirmations of what people prefer to believe. This is made clearer by another film explaining away the trickery and citing the original Chinese version as a fake  a film which people seem relatively less interested in watching or ‘liking’.

Watch these films, if you haven’t already, and feed back what you think.

If you want to see other instances of angels in action, you’ll find more on the same page.

Personally, though, I have to ask, if angels are for real, what qualifies one man to be blessed by the protection of a guardian angel while the next man gets squished like a bug? Don’t good people get killed by trucks every day? Or worse?

More questions sprung to mind when I watched ‘Angel clouds in Florida’:

Image where I noted, at the closing section of this particular clip, the editor bravely announcing, “THE KING IS COMING”, because, what would that actually mean for human kind in the 21st century? Are all angels absolutely good, sent to protect us, to bless us with good news, or indeed save us from near death experiences? What does ‘good’ mean anyway, where angels are concerned? What exactly are we basing our ideas of angels upon?

It’s questions like these that inspired me to write Melt, to throw a kick-ass avenging angel into a 21st century mix – and see what happens…

Join me next time, when I’ll be looking at why an angel visitation might not always be a crowd pleaser; why, in fact, we might be diving for the bomb shelters if certain ones came to land in our neighbourhood.

Put forward your views and let’s chat.


COMING SOON – MELT, the novel:  ‘Desecrating an ancient graveyard can unearth enough trouble to shake up the world.’

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Angels and Demons in the 21st Century


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